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  • I did not like the product I bought. What should I do ?
    You can repackage the product together with the invoice and create a return, without using the product and without tearing the labels off.
  • The product I purchased was sent incorrectly/defectively, what should I do?
    You can check the product you have purchased with the cargo employee before you receive it. In case of a faulty or wrong product, you can keep a report and create a return.
  • Can I exchange the product I purchased with a different product?
    You can change the product you have purchased within 7 days without using it and the package is complete. Shipping costs for returns and exchanges belong to the buyer.
  • Do you do gift wrapping?
    All of our products are sent in a special box printed with ŞALEVİ. You can gift it to your loved ones with peace of mind.
  • Do you issue invoices for your products?
    We issue invoices for all our products. If you complete the order, we send it to you with the e-mail address and the product.
  • Are your products guaranteed?
    Ş We provide a one-month warranty for all of our products. If there is any problem with the product, you can contact us ?
  • What does the FAQ Section do?
    FAQ section, "What are your shipping zones?", "What are your business hours?" or "How can I book a service appointment?" It can be used to answer common questions about your business, such as FAQs help your visitors navigate your site easily and can even improve your site's SEO.
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