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Our story

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ŞALEVİIn 2000, it started to appear in the Scarf and Shawl sector with the silk shawls we had woven in India. In a short time, we offered our products for sale at sales points in Turkey, America and many European countries. With our team that closely follows the colors and designs of world fashion trends, we continue to produce products that you cannot stop using in this direction. Our only ideal is to continue to offer you useful products without sacrificing quality. We will continue to produce patterned shawls and scarves, single color products and accessories in many fabric types. you tooŞALEVİYou can buy our products and use them for many years with the assurance.

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We carefully prepare all our patterns and colors with our 5 people design team.

By days of trials and producing countless samples

We always try to bring you the best possible product. We will always keep up to date and bring you the perfect shades.

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